Brighter Side Ambassadors

Brighter Side Ambassadors represent the creative synergy between their own online persona and the Brighter Side Lighting brand. We’re always on the lookout for online influencers, service providers, and synergizing brands that match with our ideals and standards of a Brighter Side Ambassador team member. Learn more about what we hope to achieve with partnering with new online influencers.


As a family-oriented brand, we look to partner with online influencers that hold our same values in mind when representing themselves on and offline. We look for influencers that possess the following qualities:

Honesty * Integrity * Passionate * Creative * Positive * Reliable * Organized * Authentic



To join the Brighter Side Ambassador team, we have a few prerequisites and standards we request influencers to follow. We use these standards to filter out users who don’t fit our basic influencer requirements.

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Minimum Social Following

Minimum follower count on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube social platforms of 50,000. We perform follower authenticity checks to ensure follower counts are not inflated with fake/bot accounts. We will request demographics of account.

Creative Users

Uses different forms of rich media to share messages online like static images, videos, GIFs, Facebook/Instagram stories, Podcasts, infographics, live streams, 360 images/videos, interactive content.

Following Brighter Side Lighting

We require all influencers to follow Brighter Side Lighting social media accounts. Brighter Side Lighting follows our Elite’s back!

Active Online

We perform online activity checks to ensure that our influencers are posting at least weekly.

Clean Content

Avoids all use of content and imagery laced with profanity, sex, violence, weapons, illegal substances and hate speech.

Unique Spaces

As a company that sells lighting, we look for influencers that have unique spaces. Whether it’s a home garage, professional workspace, man cave, barber shop, etc., we want to see your creative space.